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Our Community Mentors

By the simplest definition, a mentor is described as “an experienced and trusted adviser.” While age certainly plays a role in many mentor relationships, we believe that experience is a key element to learning and thus, age doesn’t always trump the everyday lives of those in the city of Providence and beyond.

A Community Mentor is one of the high school leaders, GATE collaborates with for its event circuit. She is the brains behind both the design and implementation of community-based discussions, collaborating on topics she and her peers feel are important to bring to the table.¬†All community mentors will speak and collaborate in the community events, presented to their peers. Through our year-long program, the Community Mentors will shed light on the problems they face in their communities, raise awareness of the other issues faced by the State’s many citizens, and advise on solutions for the future of their State.

To apply, fill out our online application form here.

** This opportunity is currently only open to female students attending a Rhode Island public, charter, vocational or technical high school**